UV/Ozone IC package surface processing unit

Roller conveyor type surface processing unit
Function/Feature The UV/Ozone surface processing technology has contributed to the production of LSI products in the enhancement of adhesion power between IC elements and mold resins, preventing cracks due to boundary separation and extending life expectancy with improved yield of IC packages.
The energy value of ultraviolet radiation excels in its high uniformity and does not exert damages to the minute elements without any such unnecessary high-energy particles as ion has.
Furthermore, as the process can be carried out in the atmosphere, it also excels in its operability.
The UV/Ozone surface processing technology also contributes as one of the useful production processes to the solution of technical issues in the development of MEMS (MicroElectro-Mechanical System) to integrate a highly value-added device that cannot be made only by LSI.

Pre-treatment for plastic molding of IC, LSI, MEMS, SoC (System on Chip), SiC (System in Chip)
How to Use
Wet Cleaning UV Cleaning Post-process
Wet Cleaning UV Cleaning Wet Cleaning (Pure water rinsing)

Demensions 1900×523×970H(mm) 2350×1325×1650H(mm)
Weight   400kg
Power consumption 710W  
Main power 200V, 3P, 3., 50/60Hz 200V;±6%, 10A
Conveyor type   Cassette to cassette ,Chain type carrier
Conveyor speed   Adjustable
Magazine number 1pc 4pcs(Loader) ,11pcs(Unloader)
Gross lamp wattage 200W 1600W
Exposure area 117W×350L(mm)  
Uv intensity    
Lamp Low pressure mercury lamp Low pressure mercury lamp
Lamp model EUV200WS-24 EUV200US-52
Number   8pcs
Cooling type   Water cooling of a lamp house
Cooling water flow rate   3 lit. /min
Dry air flow rate   50 lit. /min
Pressure   5kg /cm2
Deodorizer   Built-in type
Flow rate   3.4m3 /min
Feature The dry process enables use in atmosphere with cleaning and modifying effect, and causes no damage by high energy to highly integrated minute processing. Another advantage is to generate no wastes harmful to the environment.
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