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UV/Ozone Dry Surface Processing Unit UV and ozone, treats the surfaces of plastics, glass, ceramics and metal, using short wavelength and reslts in good modification and cleaning effects similar to those of plasma. It is a soft and safe optical energy,in fact safe enough to be sensed by body despite its high energy. Therefore, it is characteristic that only micro organisms or bacterial elements are destroyed by the unit. Preprocessing Unit of IC Package
Surface Processing Test Machine This test machine is aimed to verify the surface processing effects by ozone or to collect detailed data prior to a commercialized production. A variety of types are prepared from a simple desktop box type to a larger one equipped with devices for both-side irradiation and carrier. Desktop Type Photo Surface Processing Test Unit
Both-side Irradiation Type Photo Surface Processing Test Unit
Photo Ashing Test Unit
UV Curing Unit Special UV paints or UV adhesives can quickly be cured and dried at a speed of seconds by the UV technology, which has now grown to enjoy an extensive demand because it enables processing for a short time at a comparatively low temperature.We are ready to supply you with a portable UV curing unit suitable for your on-site installation. Handy 100,400,1000
Photochemical Reaction Experiment Device The compact photochemical reaction experiment device in which a UV light source is used Photochemical Reaction Device VG Series
Dampening Water Purifier This purifier is a water treatment unit to purify the dampening water for offset printing and to upgrade printing quality, which also gives high economical effects to save the waste and draining water.The conventional purifier was comprised only of a filtering unit. With the addition of UV sterilizer its performance has been remarkably upgraded. There is a seawater sterilization filtering device available as a sister product for cleaning or cooling the fishery water.
Water Purification System

Water Purification System

Water Reservoir Sterilizer

Water Reservoir Sterilizer
Down Light Type TankRay
Filtering Device for Indoor Sterilization This device deodorizes and sterilizes indoor air using ozone and UV radiation. Ozone is gaseous and prevalent enough to penetrate into every corner of the place. When you use a fan, you can ventilate the place completely within 60 minutes. As ozone decomposes to oxygen, there will be no toxicity like formalin. The unit and technology involved are well in accordance to the concept of HACCP. Ozone Indoor Sterilization and Deodorization Unit
The mercury lamp still remains the king of UV radiation light sources although 70 years have already passed since it was put into commercial use. The application of UV radiation is extensive and its value is getting higher as the processing gets into the nanometer order. We manufacture a variety of lamps including high-pressure mercury lamp, metal-halide lamp, ozone lamp as well as the low-pressure mercury lamp which boasts its high performance.
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