Desktop-type Photo Surface Processor

This machine is used to experiment the solid surface processing effects (modification and cleaning) by use of UV short wavelength and ozone.
The desktop-type main body has a wide opening front with the half-open door. You can put in and take out the samples easily by sliding the sample stand.
The distance between the light source and a sample can be changed by the Lab-jack supporting the sample stand.
As the door has a glass window in its center, you can also observe the sample being radiated.A normal 110W,160mm2 grid type light sourcehas been adopted.
The lamp is made of high-purity synthetic silica glass, with which at 185nm wavelength .a twice radiation strength can be achieved compared to ordinary silica glass lamp.
Ozone is exhausted out by a blower placed outside. It is also possible to drive ozone out to the ventilation duct of the building or to treat ozone with the ozone decomposer.
The main body and power supply are independent. As they are light-weighted, you can carry them easily.
Application Cleaning
Crystal oscillator, Optical lens, pick-up lens, Ceramic LSI base, Laser printer mirror,
LCD glass , ITO conductive film, Master glass
Organic LED, IC package, LSI, MEMS, Lead wire bonding, HDD, Multi-layer pc film base
Power Supply Model Name UE1101N-19
Dimension 160×665×150H(mm)
Weight 12kg
Input Voltage 100AVC Single Phase 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 250W
Hour Meter Lamp Life Management (Non-reset Type) 0-9,999H
Irradiation Timer Irradiating Hour Setting 0.1S-999H
Light Source Model Name PL16-110
Dimension 300×250×300H(mm)
Weight 10kg
UV Intensity 15mW/cm2 at 30mm(Wavelength: 254nm)
Distance between light source and testing stage 080mm Manual Lab-jack Adjustment
Sample Stand Dimension 160×160mm
Lamp Face Dimension 160×160mm
Lamp Wattage 95W
Lamp Low-Pressure Mercury Lamp (Synthetic Quartz)
Lamp Model Name SUV 110GS-36
Average Lamp Life 5000H(continuously)

As there is a distance of maximum 80mm between the light source and the stage, you can process a wide range from films to molded objects. The distance to the light source of 0 to 80mm can be adjusted with the manual Lab-jack.The stage together with the Lab-jack is mounted on the guide-rail. The Lab-jack is not fixed on the main body. As there is a large glass window on the door, you can observe the lamp lighting and the inside condition.

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