Function and Application of Lamp
Cold-cathode Lamp
Function Luminous efficiency is not so high, but is characteristic in its long life exceeding 10,000 hours.
The back light type for the light source of liquid crystal TV.
Recently the power supply has been computerized and downsized with less weight for easier use.
The cold-cathode lamp is the same sort of lamp as the back light of liquid crystal display or neon signs.
Appliaction Mostly used for small-volume ozone generation.
Also used for a light source to measure UV-absorbing materials.
Typical measuring equipment includes ozone concentration meter or water quaility monitoring COD.
Low-power Low-pressure mercury Lamp
Function It is a light output lamp similar to that of fluorescent lamps for illumination.
It is a traditional lamp used even now, but much brighter high-power types of lamps are taking its place.
Application Used for surface sterilization, small-type running water sterilization, memory clear, ozone generator.
Standard Low-pressure mercury Lamp
Funcion Light output lamp similar to high-power fiuorescent lamps.
Light forced air-cooling is required.
So many kinds of low-pressure lamps comparing with fluorescent lamps are classified into a standard one in this field.
Most extensively used short wavelenght UV lamp .
Developed as a high-grade sterilization lamp in late 1970s to sterilize ultra-high purity water.
The lamp conforms to the standard close to the global requirements for low-pressure mercury lamps applied to the US or European products.
Application Dry cleaning, dry surface processing, surface sterilization, Large-scale running water sterilization, photo oxidation water treatment, ozone generation, cracking of hard-to-crack organic gases, spawning inducement of shellfish, etc.
Extensively applicable to water treatment, surface processing(cleaning and modification) or ozone generation.
High-power/Ultra-high power Low-pressure mercury Lamp
Function Higher surface loading of electricity than the standard-type low-pressure mercury lamps.
Forced air-cooling or water-cooling is necessary. Suitable for high-efficiency water treatment or solid surface processing.
There hed been an ultra-high power lamp in the market before this class of lamp was developed in Japan as a substitue. This group from Japan is enjoying an overwhelming position with higher grade than the global standard in USA or Europe.
Experiences are required to design the light source which needs forced cooling system by water-cooling or air-cooling.
As 185nm short wavelength UV radiation plays a main role for surface processing, any other surface-processing lamp than the lamp made of synthetic silica glass cannot attain satisfactory effects.
The ultra-high power low-pressure mercury lamp, requiring high forced cooling system, was first developed by ABB (Switzerland).
It imparts a high UV intensity , but it can attain only close-to-limit effects as low-pressure mercury lamp to discharge where gas pressure is low.
Application Mostly used today for surface processing mainly of photo cleaning and modification.
It is expected in the future to become the main light source also in the field of photo oxidizing water treatment (promotional oxidation water treatment).
Used for dry cleaning, dry surface processing, photo oxidizing water treatment, cracking of head-to-crack gases and photo/ozone ashing.
High-pressur mercury Lamp
Function The high-pressur mercury lamp is a UV lamp which irradiates a wide variety of lights ranging from the high-pressure mercury lamp of 365nm at maximum to UV radiations, visible lights and infra-red lights.
It is also used for illumination, but mostly applied to UV curing which enables drying at a speed of second as seen in the application as a light source for photo-chemiacal polymer of organic compounds.
Although the luminous effect of UV radiation is poor, the surface loading effect is two-digit times higher than low -pressure mercury lamp.
Therefore, two types of "H" to generate ozone and "L" less for water sterilization and high-level treatment are provided when you have to control the size of equipment.
Application It promotes drying , curing and polymerization to shorten time of processing.
Matel Hydride Lamp
Function The metal halide lamp is a high-brightness discharger with the addition of metals like gallium or iron to the high-pressure mercury lamp.
It is characteristic that the inherent spectrum of metals is added to the luminous spectrum of high-pressure mercury lamp.
As the colors chang depending on metals added, the application range of mercury lamps is expanded.
In the field of UV curing applications, it is used for curing and drying of colorful plastics such as paints or printing inks.
Application UV curing of printing inks or paints, photo-chemical reactions for special purposes, fish trapping light on sea.
Ozone Lamp
Function The ozone generated by UV radiation is clean and free from such harmful contents as nitrogen oxide seen in ozone from corona discharge.
It is suited to the purpose of environmental hygiene such as indoor sterilization and deodorization where an environment with little and low-concentration ozone is required.
The ozone lamp is a type of UV lamp which generates such ozone such as effective for decomposition and bleaching of organic substances.
There are two type of Ozone lamp, small cold cathode type and the other of large hot-cathode type.
SEN ozone lamps are made of silica glass, and their generating capacity is superior to ionic lamp (ozone lamp) available in the market.
Application Ozone is used for environmental hygienic equipment for decomposition, sterilization, deodorization and bleaching.

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