UV Radiation/Ozone Sterilization and Deodorization Unit for Indoors
Function/Feature Indoor sterilization of food industries, pharmaceutical and medical fields from bacteria floating in the air can be achieved by using Ozone.
During night ozone is generated by 185nm wavelength from the ozone lamp and decomposed into oxygen and radical oxygen by 254 wavelength generated at the same time.
Sterilization and deodorization is done by a oxidizing high energy oxygen radical and ozone.
Sterilization is also done by 254nm independently.
During daytime when personnel are at work, the ozone lamp can be switched into an ozoneless lamp with the timer about an hour before work starts.
It enables the remaining radical oxygen to be decomposed into oxygen having no influences on human body and then sterilization can be done only by 254nm.
Application Food processing, Meat processing, Fish processing, Cooking and restaurant business, Hospital, Care-house for the Aged, Indoor sterilization, removal of falling or adhering bacteria, Mildew proofing, deodorization and rodent proofing
Product Model Name Applicable Lamp Lamp Output Air Flow Ozone Concentration Ozone Generation Unit Body Control Panel Power Source Power Consumption
BC110-W SUV110DL 110W 48m3/H 11ppm 1120mg/H 6kg 16kg AC100V,50/60Hz 135W
BC40-W SUV40DL-10 40W 20m3/H 8ppm 340mg/H 4kg 4kg AC100V,50/60Hz 60W
OZL-40 SUV40DH-10 40W Natural Circulation Type 153ppm 66mg/H 4.5kg   AC100V,50/60Hz 53W
OZL-20 SUV20DH-10 20W Natural Circulation Type 77ppm 33mg/H 2.1kg   AC100V,50/60Hz 25W
Features 1. Full-automatic 24hr operation (ozone lamp for night, 2. ozoneless lamp for daytime), 3. Decomposition and deodorization of bad smell, 4.keeps out the harmful insects and animals, 5. Forced circulation by built-in fan, 6. Long-life low-pressure mercury lamp, 7. Clean and safe without residuals unlike medicines
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