Handy type UV Curing Device    Handy 1000
Function HANDY CURERUB is a portable unit like solderer or dryer, holding to cure and dry UV resins such as paints and adhesives at a speed of seconds by means of UV lighting .
A curing and drying process at a higher speed with low-temperature treatment without environmental problem can be attained, compact easy-to-handle original lamp and large-sized with an irradiation area of 150 square mm.
Application Adhesion: Attachment of optical lens, temporary assembling, sealing of electronic parts, etc.
Painting and Coating: Painting and repair of automobiles and protective coating on printed circuit boards
Printed Marking: Marking on electronic components and printing of nameplates
Others: Repairs of FRP, partial renovation of outdoor structures, etc.
Specifications Input voltage Single phase100V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz Designation
UV Intensity 240mw/cm2
Light source dimension Lamp dimension(mm)W240×H255×D300
Power supply dimension (mm)W170×H299×D650
Lamp used High-pressure mercury lamp 1KW
Feature The reflective mirror employs high-purity aluminum and light collecting system.
No blower is required owing to employment of fan cooling system.
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